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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member xyz21bj.

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World/New Age

WELCOME! BlackJack is proud to have you here. Spend your time browsing in this store. I suggest you don't think twice when you found your fav. CD from your fav. artist.
Here, I will 'promote' my own fav. CDs. Hope you like it!

Michael Jackson
Well, he made me believe in the power of music. Ever since I heard his songs, I started to love music. Now, I can't live without ONE!'ve know all about him, right? So I think I wouldn't have to talk much about this.
The King of POP!

Smooth Criminal

Savage Garden
It's all Rick Dee's fault! I heard the song I WANT YOU and I'm in love with it! Also, I like Darren's hairstyle. And Daniel's smile too! Ahhh.....I'm in love with both of them! Follow me! Buy their CD, NOW!
Savage Gardener
A page by Savage Families
Savage Garden
I Want you

Richard Marx
I always like Richard Marx. Ever since I heard the song Right Here Waiting, I'm in love with his voice already. Besides, his lyrics are SO R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C! Have you heard his newest THANKS TO YOU, dedicated to his beloved mom? Owwww, HAVE ONE! It's the best! From his latest album 'Richard Marx Greatest Hits'

Paid Vacation
Right Here Waiting

George Michael
What a wonderful voice! It's like an Angel's Lullaby... Oh, no...Angel's Lullaby is Richard Marx's song, from the album Flesh and Bone. But, you sure know that George Michael released his latest LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - THE BEST OF GEORGE MICHAEL. Never heard of it? You're no human then!

Careless Whisper

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member xyz21bj.
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