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since July 1999

updated Dec 1999


Name: Kudo

 ini gue

Birth date: August 04, 1981

Sex: Male

Marital status: Single

Interest: Mysteries

Yahoo! ID: Shinichi_Kudo_XV

ICQ: 40903366

Email: detective_kudo@yahoo.com

Personal quotation: Trust me. I know what I am doing

Notes: Not many people have seen him online. He considered himself as a trustworthy detective. However, some people believed he is just a hacker. He enjoys horror movies as well as detective stories.


Name: Cherry

 This is me!!!! ^_^

Birth date: August 14, 1981

Sex: Female

Marital status: Single, Not Looking

Interest: Funny things

Yahoo! ID: SuperSaiyan_Cherry

ICQ: 32722272

Email: supersaiyan_cherry@yahoo.com

Personal quotation: When you understand me, you might feel good around me…

Notes: Lately seen online in Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ. The co-founder of 5 Yahoo! Clubs. Proud of her 10 email addresses, 25 aliases and 7 personal web-pages. (You really can’t trust this person)